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We are now feeding Life's Abundance Premium Health Food and Supplements. After researching many all Natural  and Grain free products, I have decided to feed my puppies and dogs the best I can find for them. I have had great feedback from other breeders that use Life's Abundance Food and Supplements and I believe this is the best food I can get for the dogs to grow and build a Healthy Immune System. I believe in this food and supplements so much that I will give an additional 2 YEARS on my Genetic Health Guarantee!!!!! That will be a 3 year Health Guarantee, But to Qualify, you MUST feed puppy/dog Life's Abundance Kibble for the entire 3 years so the puppy has the best Nutrients to build a Strong and Healthy Immune System that begins when I start the puppies on food at around 4 weeks old and goes hopefully throughout a very long and healthy life with its human family. Please click the Logo above to go to the website to read about the products and what they have to offer. Life's Abundance  not only has food for Cats and Dogs with Supplements for both, but they even have Supplements for Humans!!

Updated 10-22-2014

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